Wild Tuna in Water

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Our light skipjack tuna is sustainably fished one by one with a pole and line off the coast of Spain. We use traditional fishing methods in place since the 1500s to ensure that not only the tuna population thrives, but that there is also no bycatching harming other wildlife like dolphins, turtles, or sharks. Our goal is to protect wildlife and maintain a healthy balance between nutritious foods and our planet. This specific skipjack tuna offers a robust flavor packed with nutrient-dense minerals and vitamins. It’s high in selenium and vitamin D, which helps to balance hormones, energy levels, and immunity. It’s also especially rich in omega-3s, making it healthy for the heart and brain. Choosing tuna in water also decreases added fat for those looking to reduce their total caloric intake. It has an extremely high protein content, with no carbs or other added ingredients. If you’d like to decrease the amount of sodium from the sea salt, you can also rinse the tuna under cold water for three minutes for a reduction of up to 80%.