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Wild Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Our wild-caught sardines are artisanally fished off the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Our fishing methods are sustainable to help maintain a healthy sardine population and clean waters while offering an exceptional nutritional product. They’re also locally cooked and hand-packed for enhanced flavor and optimum nutrition preservation. Sardines are a superfood for mental and physical health, thanks to many of the nutrients preserved in their bones, like calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and phosphorus. It’s one of the best sources of these essential nutrients and is especially beneficial for those who don’t eat dairy. It helps add bone density, along with improved metabolism and immune function. It’s also especially high in zinc which helps regulate the effect of insulin and along with its B vitamins, supports balanced hormones and symptoms of anxiety and depression. With their preservation in high-quality certified organic olive oil, they make an excellent addition to salads, on top of toasted bread, stuffed in peppers, or added to sauces or sushi.