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Pumpernickel Bread

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Select whole grain, savory rye, and tangy sourdough grace this low-wheat pumpernickel, an excellent and healthy choice for those seeking low gluten in their diet. With help from sourdough fermentation, those with celiac may report less symptoms, inflammation, and other issues with this bread while being able to enjoy the hearty, earthy flavor of authentic artisan pumpernickel! The delicious rye grains in this mix are kibbled, meaning they are coarsely ground first before preparation and baking. Ideal for both pumpernickel and sourdough breads, this also retains rye’s fiber and nutrients to ensure the highest fiber content possible— fiber being one of the best macronutrients for keeping down inflammation and reducing risk of diabetes and heart disease. While rye is typically a high-gluten grain, our pumpernickel is made in sourdough form. During the preparation and kneading process probiotic bacteria help make all ingredients in the bread more digestible, and they are also shown to make gluten more tolerable and less symptom-causing in those with gluten intolerance or celiac. Using only Certified Organic, locally sourced (to our facility), and heirloom grain ingredients, the artisan craftsmanship of this bread also ensures there are no trace chemicals in our grains. No herbicides, no pesticides, only total and pure health-boosting whole ingredients.

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