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Sunflower Bread

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Sweet, savory, hearty, and healthy— of all the new Natureland bread additions, our Sunflower Seed bread has the loveliest and most unique flavor and profile. First, we start with kibbled rye and sourdough fermentation, which incorporates whole grains together for optimal nutrients and bioavailability (thanks to sourdough’s probiotic bacteria). Delicious sunflower seeds are also added for a pinch of extra trace vitamins, minerals, fiber, and beneficial plant fatty acids (monounsaturated fats). For a hint of sweet flavor, we also add a touch of sugar beet syrup which really augments the earthy flavors of this delightful Sunflower Seed bread. Sea salt is also added for flavor and preservation. The result is a sumptuous bread that can be enjoyed any way bread can be enjoyed— if not more so! And packed full of more nutrients, healthy fiber, and low-inflammation compared to the average supermarket bread. Made with only Certified Organic ingredients, this ensures all parts are wholly and intentionally produced using principles that are in harmony with both the earth and a healthy body. To further bring this delicious bakery creation into balance with the environment, we also only source our ingredients from local or regional farms to our area.

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