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Welcome to Natureland

Please note: We try hard to provide you with fresh organic fruits & vegetables of best quality. Due to our shipment cycles, our fresh fruits & vegetables are getting delivered only every Thursday. Orders for our fresh items which are placed later then Wednesday 09:00 AM will be shipped in the following week Thursday.

Natureland food products are products that are totally natural from seed to mouth. They are grown in organic soil, and provided with organic fertilizers. They receive no chemical fertilizers,or pesticides. In the processing of Natureland food no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors are used.

When conventional food is called natural, this is usually in reference to only the processing stages. As for the agricultural production, it may begin with a genetically altered seed, or be grown with chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. As for Natureland organic products, no less than 95% to 100% of the ingredients are totally natural throughout all stages of production.

Natureland products are certified by Ecocert. It is important in the Middle East to search for a certification body on any product that claims to be organic. This is so because without regulation regarding what may be called organic, many companies write the word organic on their products without actually understanding what it takes for a product to be organic, and without any certification body to guarantee the claim.

Natureland's Mission: Producing and sourcing tasty foods grown in true living soil not fed with chemicals, and produced with minimal processing and no artificial ingredients for the benefit of our customers who seek quality chemical free foods to allow their bodies to function naturally with healthy weight, regularity, strong bones, and teeth, and defend themselves from falling prey to chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, colitis and cancer.