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Wheat Pretzels
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A Special Grain: We don’t use just any grain we find, no our grains are specifically grown for the production of these Pretzels. We’re not just buying white flour.

Biodynamic: Can something be better than organic? While organic products may use natural pesticides, biodynamic products can use neither natural or chemical pesticides. A biodynamic farm is an integrated unit that produces all its inputs. Animals on the farm feed from the farm, and also fertilise the farm, an integrated unit that brings a higher quality called biodynamic. This is certified by Demeter.

Freshly ground: We don’t use any ready flour, instead all the flour is freshly ground on the company mill. This allows for a fresh whole-grain product.

Soaking Process: Our pretzels take advantage of a long soaking/fermentation step that assists in breaking down anti-nutrients in the grains. This allows for a more flavorful, slightly fermented, easily digestible, and naturally more nutritious product (because anti nutrients are neutralised).

Organic Certified Organic

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