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Spelt Pretzel Sticks
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In stock

A Special Grain: We don’t use just any grain we find, no our grains are specifically grown for the production of these Pretzels. We’re not just buying white flour.

Biodynamic: Can something be better than organic? While organic products may use natural pesticides, biodynamic products can use neither natural or chemical pesticides. A biodynamic farm is an integrated unit that produces all its inputs. Animals on the farm feed from the farm, and also fertilise the farm, an integrated unit that brings a higher quality called biodynamic. This is certified by Demeter.

Freshly ground: We don’t use any ready flour, instead all the flour is freshly ground on the company mill. This allows for a fresh whole-grain product.

Soaking Process: Our pretzels take advantage of a long soaking/fermentation step that assists in breaking down anti-nutrients in the grains. This allows for a more flavorful, slightly fermented, easily digestible, and naturally more nutritious product (because anti nutrients are neutralised).

Spelt Option: The pretzel sticks are made with spelt. This grain is an old variety that allows people who have colitis to consume them without problems. So if you find wheat and gluten products to put you down, our spelt sticks might be a great alternative for you. If you find out you like spelt, we also offer pasta in Spelt, and Wholegrain breads made with freshly ground spelt.

Organic Certified Organic

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