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Blueberry Juice
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Natureland blueberry juice is a direct juice made 100% from organic blueberries. The fruits are picked when perfectly sun ripened, and then cold pressed before being gently pasteurised at low heat and only for 15 seconds to preserve the valuable nutrition as much as possible. Known as a super juice because of its powerful antioxidant properties, Natureland’s blueberry juice is delicious to drink. Natureland blueberry juice can be mixed with water or other fruit juices. It is a pure direct juice and not from concentrate. Many people love the taste and health benefits provided by organic direct blueberry juice. The following reviews are made from real costumers on a product of equivalent quality, but not on the specific Natureland juice. Sam This is not a sweetened juice. It is pure blueberry juice with nothing whatsoever added. I have never found that in our local stores. Blueberries are full of antioxidants which are supposed to be anti-inflammatory. I definitely will order this again as I like the flavor. Kara It's so tasty and much lower in sugar, compared to other kinds of juice. What I do is to mix this juice about 1/2 and 1/2 with sparkling water. Very refreshing and definitely an energy boost, at least it is for me! Janine Simply put….This juice has given me my life back and it's nothing short of miraculous. Better than any medical drugs could have done. I'm 99 % better than I have been in years .A heartfelt thanks to you ♥

Organic Certified Organic
Ingredients Organic blueberry juice.

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