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Veggie Beauty Juice
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Natureland’s Veg Beauty juice is a combination of specially selected vegetables that are organic, cold pressed, flash pasteurised and lacto fermented for maximum nutrition. The juice contains tomato, carrot, sauerkraut, celery, beetroot, cucumber, pepper pulp, onion, bean and dill juice as well as a combination of sea salt and herbs. Enjoy as part of a detox or daily to boost natural health and beauty. The unique combination of ingredients in Natureland’s Veg Beauty juice provides an all in one healthy aperitif. It has a mild flavour that can be enhanced with a sprinkle of black pepper to taste. As a lacto fermented juice it helps to cleanse the digestive system, helping to restore the natural balance of healthy gut bacteria.

Organic Certified Organic
Ingredients Tomato juice* with salt, carrot juice*, sauerkraut juice*, celery juice*, beetroot juice*, cucumber juice*, pepper pulp*, onion juice*, bean juice*, dill juice*, sea salt-herbsmix (sea salt, leek*, blue fenugreek*, thyme*, lovage*, coriander*, dill*, basi

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