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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Corona outbreak, our logistic partners have stopped shipping food items. We can therefore not accept international orders at this time. Thank you for understanding, and come back soon!




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Organic Certified & Tested

We exclusively work with organic products combined with regular laboratory testing.

Expertly Formulated

Our experience in natural healing with whole foods allows us to choose our ingredients carefully on your behalf.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our products. If you are not 100% satisfied we’ll correct that inshaAllah.

Fairly Priced

We do not engage in opportunistic pricing, we’re often only more expensive when we’re offering something superior.

Our Mission

Producing and sourcing tasty foods grown in true living soil not fed with chemicals, and produced with minimal processing and no artificial ingredients for the benefit of our customers who seek quality chemical free foods to allow their bodies to function naturally with healthy weight, regularity, strong bones, and teeth, and defend themselves from falling prey to chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, colitis and cancer.