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Kimchi is probably the best-known Korean dish—a traditional side serving of fermented cabbage, carrots, radish, onions, ginger, garlic, and other traditional ingredients. Being a fermented mix of healthful veggies and condiments, Kimchi is bursting with many different strains of lactic acids bacteria (LAB), which give Kimchi its unique taste and wide-ranging health benefits. - 100% Organic - Never Pasteurized - Fermented in the Jar - Certified Biodynamic Health Benefits of Kimchi - Packed with Nutrients and Probiotics - May Boost Immune System Health - May Improve Digestive System Health - Helps Prevent Fungal and Yeast Infections - May Relieve Constipation - May Reduce Inflammation - May Help Reduce Weight - May Improve Heart Health - May Reduce Cholesterol - Beneficial in High Blood Pressure - Beneficial for Diabetes Prevention and Management - May Prevent Cancer - Beneficial for Colitis - May Have Anti Aging Effects - May Improve Brain Health - May Prevent Depression What’s the Best Way to Eat Kimchi? The sour and hot Kimchi is a staple of Koran cuisine and can be consumed in a variety of ways. The fermented cabbage and herbs go perfectly with Asian rice- and meat dishes of all kinds, or can be used as a base for savory soups. You can add Kimchi to scrambled eggs, put it in tacos or pizza, layer it on grilled cheese, stir it into soups or stews, or just eat it as is from the jar. Some people may like to warm up their Kimchi. Heating up seems to mellow down the tangy and pungent taste and odor. However, Kimchi may lose most of its probiotics if you heat it above 106° F (41.1° C). For optimum benefits, add unpasteurized fermented Kimchi from the jar to your food. And when you get to the bottom, don’t throw away that residual Kimchi juice because it’s the best part. Gulp it down or pour it on your salad.

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