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Mayonnaise With High Oleic Sunflower Oil

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Why Love This? - Uses stable high oleic sunflower oil instead of normal sunflower oil. - Oils are naturally pressed, and not derived with petrochemical solvents. - Contains all organic ingredients. - Tastes great What is high oleic sunflower oil? Most sunflower seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fats. These are not stable and become rancid quickly. At Natureland we avoid using the normal sunflower seeds for oil. We use a special variety called "high oleic" sunflower seeds. These seeds and the oil from them are more stable. That means they do not become rancid quickly. Rancid oils are a dangerous food. What do you mean naturally pressed? Most oils are mixed with heptane or hexane which are like gasoline. They are petrochemical solvents that dissolve fats. This way higher amounts of oils can be extracted. The process is quite ugly. It involves, flaking, adding petrochemical solvent, reusing the chemical, refining the oil, degumming, bleaching it, deodorizing it, winterizing, partially hydrogentating it, etc. Natureland oils are mechanically pressed from organic seeds, without being solvent extracted. Some oils might be deodorized which in our products is a gently process of removing products that can burn during frying. All the ingredients are organic All our mayonnaise ingredients are organic. This product contains a small amount of sugar to adjust taste; however, it is not a sweet product, and the amount of sugar is not like that found in sweet products. Tastes Great Natureland Mayonnaise tastes great. What's the secret? The quality ingredients used, and a great recipe.

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