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Natureland brings you a creamy, tangy, all-natural organic labneh. Made from the milk of cows farmed organically in the mountains of Grevena, Greece. Family farms: The ingredients for Natureland’s Labneh are sourced from a collaboration of organic family-run farms where the animals are allowed to graze on grass in the pastures during the summer months. Handmade from all-natural ingredients: Natureland Labneh is handmade the traditional Greek way from fresh organic non-fat milk, cream and active cultures. Greek yogurt is strained to produce a delicious thick and creamy cheese. Free from: - Preservatives - Added sugar - Starch - Gluten - Flavorants - Pectin - Colorants - GMOs - Stabilizers Naturally good for you: Our Labneh is a source of protein and calcium. It contains probiotics (healthy bacteria) that have been shown to be important for gut health. Delicious as part of any meal! This popular Middle Eastern Cheese is incredibly versatile. Use these ideas to make the most of your labneh: - Eat it for breakfast with stewed fruit, nuts and honey - Use it to make a tangy dip for vegetables or pita breads - Use it as a marinade for meat and chicken dishes to add flavor and help tenderize the meat - Spread it on bread - Add it to a smoothie to give the drink a rich, creamy texture

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