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Cow Kefir Drink

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Natureland’s Cow Kefir Drink is made from the milk of cows found on organic farms in the mountains of Grevena, Greece. Rich in probiotics, this tart, tangy dairy drink has numerous health benefits. Family farms: The milk for Natureland’s Cow Kefir Drink is sourced from a collaboration of organic family-run farms in Grevena, Greece. Grass fed, the animals are allowed to graze in the pastures during the summer months. Contains live bacterial cultures: Natureland’s Cow Kefir Drink is made using pasteurized organic milk and live bacterial cultures - kefir grains. The drink is not pasteurized after production, so the bacterial strains remain active. Live microorganisms that survive digestion have been shown to be beneficial in gut health, helping people manage conditions such as IBS, colon cancer, diabetes, metabolic disorders and neurological disorders. Naturally good for you: Cow Kefir is a source of protein, calcium and live probiotics. This product is free from: preservatives, added sugar, starch, gluten, flavorants, pectin, artificial colors, GMOs and stabilizers. How to enjoy Natureland Cow Kefir: The most popular way to consume Kefir is to simply drink it as it comes. Here are some other ideas on how to add kefir to your meals: - Pour it over your breakfast cereal in place of milk - Use it to make a probiotic-rich smoothie - Use it in recipes that call for sour cream, buttermilk or yogurt - Make a tangy salad dressing by replacing some or all of the mayonnaise in your favorite recipe - Make fruity frozen treats by blending kefir with fresh or frozen fruit and a little honey to make popsicles

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