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Whole grain rye bread made from un-milled grain, retaining all its important essential nutrients— fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants— is infinitely healthier for you than most rye breads you’ll find at the grocery store. For our rye bread, we kibble whole and complete rye grains to preserve all that nature intended for us, as only whole grain can help us achieve whole health. We also do one better: unlike all rye breads, our product is fermented as a sourdough during the kneading and mixing process. According to science, this unlocks vital nutrients and makes them far more bioavailable to the body (and thus much healthier many times over), and create a lot less inflammation in the gut of those who are sensitive to wheat and/or gluten. We select only rye grains grown as heirloom varieties rather than hybrids, which have been bred over generations (if not millennia) for nourishment and flavor rather than fast growth, ideal shipping traits, and long shelf life. To cut down on environmental impact our grains are always locally grown and sourced (never shipped over long distances to our facilities), supportive of small farmers and sustainable earth-focused producers, and are Certified Organic: no chance of pesticide, herbicide, or other chemical residues— only whole health, amazing flavor, and purity in every bite.

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