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Protein Bread

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Perfect for vegans and vegetarians for a boost of protein in the diet, and completely free of animal products (no lactose and no egg). Extra of this macronutrient is all thanks to added whole wheat protein and is easily digestible, also in thanks to sourdough fermentation. Our protein bread’s most special ingredient is lupin flour made from a bean-like legume, and that is also incredibly high in natural and healthy plant proteins (as well as soluble fiber). For those seeking healthier sources of protein compared to animal products, you’ll experience more fullness, satiety, and great energy from this delicious bread in either meals or as a snack. All-natural apple fiber, whole rye, and wheat germ ingredients provide plenty of dietary fiber for curbing inflammation and promoting regularity. We also incorporate sunflower and flax seeds into our recipe for added trace minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, as well as healthy fatty acids. This high protein bread is a delicious supplement for extra protein in the diet— and better yet, every ingredient (all the way down to the leavening yeast) is Certified Organic! No pesticides, no herbicides, no trace chemicals to be found in your food— and every single ingredient is locally and regionally sourced from near where it is made.

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