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Made from the whey leftover after making feta cheese, Naturaland Manouri Cheese is a soft, compact, slightly sweet cheese. Family farms: The milk for Natureland’s Manouri Cheese is sourced from a collaboration of organic family-run farms in the mountains of Grevena in Greece. The animals are allowed to graze on grass in the pastures during the summer months. Handmade from all-natural ingredients: Natureland Manouri Cheese is handmade the traditional Grevena way from fresh organic sheep and goat milk, natural sea salt, lactic acid culture and vegetarian rennet. When feta cheese is made, the curd is separated from the whey. The sheep and goat whey is used to make this unique cheese, produced only in the Grevena region of Greece. Free from: - Preservatives - Added sugar - Starch - Gluten - Flavorants - Pectin - Colorants - GMOs - Stabilizers How to enjoy Natureland Manouri Cheese: Manouri Cheese is a soft, compact cheese with a grainy texture. It has a slightly sweet taste and a rich, pleasant aroma. Use it in salads, on sandwiches or grill it and serve it with vegetables.

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