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Ground beef is a tried and trusted source of protein in many households, and the main ingredient of many recipes. It can be cooked with many different herbs and spices, and it is a great way to cook a quality source of protein in bulk. Some may worry that ground beef contains undesirable animal products such as those parts of the animal that typically goes to waste. Worry no more as our 100% pure organic beef is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, sourced from pasture-raised cows in the grassy plains in Germany, and containing no other ingredient other than pure ground beef. Processing is certified organic and is performed according to Islamic rites. Be sure to keep the ground beef frozen until the required time of preparation. Allow the ground beef to thaw in the refrigerator in its container. Always keep raw meat away from other foods, and use clean, recently washed utensils and work surfaces to prepare all foods. Cook the ground beef thoroughly until browned and no pink remains. Best served hot with a starch and vegetables, and leftovers may be refrigerated for consumption within the next couple of days, or frozen if you desire to keep them for longer.

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