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Chicken Wieners

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Forget about your typical hotdogs that often contain undesired or even harmful ingredients. These chicken wieners are certainly not junk food. They are made from free range, organic chicken that comes from a family-run farm in Germany. These chicken wieners are made with only good quality chicken meat that comes from the thighs of well-cared for animals. They are produced using certified organic and halal practices. These chicken wieners have a creamy texture and are already pre-cooked, so preparing them is easy: Simply grill, steam, boil or fry them and they’re ready to be added to any of your favourite dishes. The chicken wieners are best kept frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees until ready to defrost and cook. Once the chicken wieners have been thawed, store them in a fridge and use within 8 days. Chicken wieners are a good source of protein that can be added to any meal, warm or cool.

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