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Chicken Bratwurst

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Authentic German, mouth-watering bratwurst is now available to you in Naturelands premium organic quality! Not like your typical wiener hot dog, these chicken bratwurst, fondly known as ‘brats’, are a type of sausage that is loved across the world. The texture of the chicken bratwurst is slightly heavier and more coarse than your typical American hot dog with a smooth chicken flavour. They are a delicious and satisfying addition to your meal. All of the chicken used to make these brats are sourced from free-range chickens that live on a family run organic certified farm located in Germany. The high quality meat that is selected for the chicken brats is from the thigh. We guaranteed that the chicken bratwurst is from organically raised chicken, and our brats contain no undesired animal waste or products that are undesirable. These chicken brats come uncooked, so knowing the preparation method is key: Simply grill or pan sauteed them and enjoy your chicken bratwurst in the same ways as a normal sausage, or in the authentic German way on a bread roll with sauerkraut and mustard.

No Nitrates No Nitrates
Gluten Free Gluten Free
Organic Organic