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Beef Bratwurst

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Experience the mouth-watering hearty beef taste of real German beef bratwurst in premium organic quality! Bratwurst is the authentic word for a specialized German sausage. This is not your ordinary hot dog! Fondly known as ‘brats’, these sausages are loved across the world with a texture that is slightly heavier and more coarse than your typical American beef hot dog. All of the beef is sourced from grass-fed cows that live in Germany. The meat used to make the beef bratwurst is organic and contains no undesired animal waste. These beef brats come uncooked, so knowing the preparation method is key: Boil the brat for a few minutes, then grill or fry until the outer casing is golden brown. Skipping the boiling step is also an option, as the brats are thin enough to simply grill or fry if preferred. However, we recommend adding the boiling step as it keeps the brats plump and moist. Brats can be enjoyed in all of the same ways as a normal sausage.

No Nitrates No Nitrates
Gluten Free Gluten Free
Organic Organic